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Jake Speer, of Channel 7's 'Home & Away', volunteers at the Colong Colony [Aug 2015]

Dingo Conservation-The Feed [SBS2-21 Aug 2014]

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Colong Dingo Breeding Program

Captive breeding programs breed endangered or threatened animals. The Colong Colony in New South Wales is the only dingo conservation breeding program in Australia. Read more>>

Meet a Dingo

dingo pupsDingoes will have an average litter size between 3-5 pups. Pups will commence eating solids at approximately 3 weeks of age and will often be weaned by the time they are 6 weeks of age. Read more>>

Will the Dingo Survive?

90% of wild dogs today are not pure dingoes. They are crossbred with domestic dogs. As dingoes and wild dogs interact, it is very difficult to isolate the two especially when managing the animals within and around agricultural land. Protecting core habitat areas where pure dingoes still exist is the only hope for their survival as a species. Read more>>

Dingo Soundscape

These 'soundscapes' were recorded live at Colong Colony and demonstrate some of the amazing range of sounds that dingoes make and how they use them to effectively communicate with one another and the world around them. Read more>>